Dr. Vivian J. Dorsett, PhD - "Be A Voice"

"Be A Voice" 
Vivian Dorsett, Ph.D. is a college instructor, private practitioner and foster care alumni. She specializes in social and juvenile justice as well as theater arts. Dr. Dorsett uses non-traditional theater techniques to develop an interactive Socratic teaching style to assist curriculum and develops dramatic presentations based on social and political issues as an outreach to any audience. She consults with state and national non-profit organizations and grass roots programs, focusing on foster young adults aging out of the child welfare system and at-risk populations.
"I work within the educational system, non-profits, communities, juvenile justice, child welfare and foster care alumni to give our youth and young adults the skills they need to deal with social pressures, diversity and community bonding. My motto is 'Be A Voice' for the voiceless, as I advocate nationally along with fellow foster care alumni to bring positive change and awareness to foster care issues."                                   
                                                                                   -Dr. Dorsett

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