Dr. Vivian J. Dorsett, PhD - "Be A Voice"
"I find myself drawn into the active excitement of Dr. Dorsett's applied theatre: Her drive to help children -- to guide them toward discovery and decision making through the acting out of their parts -- makes me wish to escape the confines of professional academia and launch myself onto the stage.  Vivian's applied theatre has breathed a new life into my critical thinking, academic enrichment class. The youthful students have suddenly become eager to learn."                                          
                                     - Dr. Ed Schauer, PhD., Equip The Saints
"Dr. Dorsett's techniques reach out to youth in a way that is truly original and unique."                      -Dr. Erin Espinosa, PhD, Texas System of Care
"Vivian Dorsett provides life changing and everlasting experiences for our clients to become productive members of society."
                                  -Steven Holloway, P.A.C.E. Youth Programs, Inc., Houston Tx
"Dr. Vivian Dorsett brings a rare combination of expertise to the child welfare community.  Her stellar education taught her theory and "best practice."  But more importantly, she knows what it's like to grow up in placement and what it takes to make it on her own.  That kind of insight is uncommon and essential to helping young people from a similar background."
                                   -Waln K. Brown, Ph.D.,CEO, the William Gladden Foundation
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